woensdag 24 december 2014


Zulke leuke spullen weer in de aanbieding! Daar wordt je toch gewoon hebberig van. Ligt er bij jou niks onder de boom? Doe jezelf een aanbieding cadeau. Bestellen voor dinsdag 30 december 10 uur.

weekly 24-12-2014

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  1. Memories are powerful and are very necessary. It is difficult to create a memory and forget it seconds, days or may be even years later. They tend to stick around forever. While reading your blog my mind went through lot of memories. I am glad to find a person who gives much importance to memory. Memories get sweeter when they are shared so freely. I have number of memories of my own, those which I would like to treasure. I love to be reminded of memories as I scatter pictures around my bedroom. Growing up, I have collected memories and learned that I must keep them and remember them forever. I learned this from the help of friends and family. My family shares memories with each other, creating laughter and many smiles. When I think memories my heart grows warm. One of my favorite memories is going on vacation every year with my family. It is so sad to know that there are people in the world incapable of storing memories. I cannot imagine having such a disability. My grandfather has dementia, a disease that slowly takes away brain. He will no longer remember much. Before diagnosed with dementia he writes down stories of his childhood memories. When reading these stories it hurts to think that soon he will not remember them. There are diseases or brain wounds leaving people at a very young age to lose their memories. Imagining not being to remember the childhood seems to be sad. Memories are very important to me. My memories are kept in a locked treasure inside of my brain. I hope to hold on to every memory for the rest of my life. I will treasure my memories, and will encourage others to treasure theirs. I believe memories are what keep the world peaceful and lively. I believe that a memory is the most precious gem of all.